Bicycle Accident Compensation – How To Claim It?

Bike accidents can cause severe injuries, and having a recompense for the treatment definitely comes handy. If you get injured in a bicycle accident, then know that as an accident victim you can have a number of ways to receive reparation for your injuries. If the bicycle accident happens due to someone else, then you can get reimbursement for your personal injuries, property damage, pain and suffering.

Here are a few of the steps to help you build a strong bike accident claim. Also, know that these methods will help you claim with the insurance companies dealing with driver-at-fault cases.

Let’s look into it:

  1. Collect as many evidences as possible – As soon as the accidents happens and you gain your consciousness, collect the evidences including at-fault driver’s full name, contact number, license or permit, auto insurance policy number etc. You also call 911 after the accident and inform the receiver that you have been hit by a motor vehicle while riding the bike. The driver at fault might say sorry and seek apologies. Don’t be distracted by that because ultimately, it’s going to be you who would suffer.
  2. Make a fresh note – It may sound a little foolish, but trust us when we say this. As soon as the accident happens, you should take a look at the surrounding and record every small little detail in your head. Make a note of everything around while it’s fresh in your mind. This detail should include driver’s details, location, and your posture after the accidents etc. It is quite obvious to forget these minor but critical things after a few days. You would need these details while making your claim for the accident compensation.
  3. Count on witness – Once the officers have arrived on your call to 911, you should point out to any witnesses to the car-bicycle accident. Your officer may wan to record witnesses’ statement that can help you later in the reimbursement claim. You may also request the witness for their contact number and details for later purpose.
  4. Phone cameras can come handy – Yes, all the details should be recorded in your mind and also on the paper. What would work best in collecting evidence is your phone camera. Take the photos of the accident spot, your bike, at-fault driver’s vehicle and surrounding things as soon as possible. Also, consider clicking photographs of the scene that include reference points like cross street signs, stores, and other identifiers.
  5. Time to submit all the details and documents to your insurance company – Once you have all the evidences in place, call your insurance company and show all the details. Your lawyer will study all the papers and help you get the reimbursement. You may be tempted to do it all by yourself and not involve any lawyer or professional in the process, but know that the whole process would take years and you would never get the reimbursement.

Therefore, it is suggested that you look for a professional today to help you understand the know-how of bike accidents reimbursement claims.


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